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SolarWinds MSP

UX & visual design

Unification of the on-boarding process in RMM (Remote Monitoring & Management system), setting the UI standard across Solarwinds' product range.

Case study

↓ SolarWinds MSP is focused on business software to manage systems, networks & IT infrastructure; with its free-trial product policy being one of the core drivers of engagement & acquisition.

Following a strategy to unify user experience across the product suite, the onboarding trial process had to be reexamined as one key entry gate to the overall brand experience. This implementation applied to the most important product, RMM (Remote Monitoring & Management), and will be rolled out across the range.

A complex workflow, streamlined to be as simple as possible

↓ Twelve different UI designs were produced for stakeholder and departamental evaluation, in line with brand guidelines.

↓ After careful evaluation of all use cases, possible blocks, etc, by the team (and a compromise between usability, brand guidelines and simplicity was achieved) the chosen design was turned by the Development team into a standardised re-usable component that will speed up further development down the road.

A blank re-usable component as foundation

↓ While rolling out the rest of the screens, I would QA the Development with the team from a UX standpoint, thus optimising time and iterations.

All possible use cases were considered

↓ The GIF below roughly illustrates the core of the installation process, both through a downloadable Agent and a through a managed network.

Example of the on boarding process, in its two main variants


Ux designer


  • Dhanik Alkegama (frontend); Keiran Smith, Maciej Targosz, Oleksandr Stasyk (backend); Jonathan Lozinski (CTO);
  • Brian Mackie (PM)


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