alex nogues

Sanhua Europe

UX design

Full redesign & optimisation of content + information architecture for Sanhua, a leading HVAC&R manufacturer of industrial controls and components.

Case study

↓ Sanhua Refrigeration Industrial Group is one of the leading manufacturers of components and control systems for air-conditioning, refrigeration & heat pump systems (for both residential & commercial / industrial use).
They are a component supplier to Panasonic, Daikin, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Hitachi, Fujitsu, LG, Samsung and many others.

Sanhua needed to bridge the gap across many business units

↓ The old site: outdated visuals, unclear hierarchies, long listings and a user experience not up to par with Sanhua’s standard. The new design of Sanhua Europe will set the standard for the rest of sites, across territories.

Screengrabs of the old website

↓ All existing content was mapped out for a clearer view of how to re-arrange and organise sections, check what to lose and which new content to add in order to improve user experience while articulating Sanhua’s strategy into the project.

This was done as part of a thorough report on content strategy and keywords, competing sites, creation of user personas and mapping of user journey, etc.

The full site map was thoroughly reworked to streamline workflows across all sections

↓ In addition to detailed prototyping work (and given that many sections were new), we were commissioned with crafting the base version of the actual copy text.

The wireframes needed a great leve of detail

↓ Two optimised tools to make the user’s life easier.
One: Regular search function is now predictive, and shows popular searches along with downloadable documents, by default.

The Search function hints most popular elements even before typing.

↓ Two: The Selection Tool reverse-engineers regular search: picking a product type first, adding the data you need to match and get match suggestions without contacting the warehouse.

Prototype and final look of the Selection Tool

↓ Detailed prototyping to guide UI design

↓ A new, future-proof design to level the site with Sanhua’s scope of operations. UI by Ivo Muñoz.

Final design by Ivo Muñoz


UX designer


  • Elad Rodriguez (art direction),
  • Ivo Muñoz (UI design),
  • Dev team at Nitsnets (coding)


  • Sanhua Europe