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Meridiano Insurance

An all-new development to match the growth strategy (mid term) & increasing online revenue (short term), with enhanced content, functionality, and optimised information architecture.

Case study

↓ Meridiano (an insurance company) has been around for over 50 years and serves 600K clients through a network of 80 branches across the country. On the online front, they were dragging an outdated interface with very limited functionality and an online presence that didn’t do justice to the company they had become.

Full prototyping of desktop and mobile versions

↓ The old site had many problems, SEO being one of them: outdated frameworks, no image optimisation and meagre content were leading to poor indexation and service. On top of that, there was no visual harmony (styles, hierarchies, imagery, etc).

The previous version of the site was inconsistent, lacking functionality

↓ We went through a thorough discovery phase with the client, to find out more about current blocks, business goals, their audience and their decision process, etc.

We built the user personas, mapped out critical user flows, and worked with the client to prototype additional functionality (such as the quote tool diagram below).

User flows & abridged user personas

↓ Once we had all the green lights of this stage, we moved into higher fidelity prototypes, creating all the previously defined modules and validating with the client after every sprint.

For those stakeholders who weren’t fully familiar with this stage; we made a point of explaining how we were just evaluating structure & hierarchies at this stage.

Wireframes to make room for the new content

↓ One of the main new functionalities was the “quote tool”, which allowed users / prospects to tailor their own quote very quickly, in a few simple steps. A more user-centered approach that not only levels Meridiano with other competitors, but also (and more importantly) alleviates the Contact Centre’s workload while enhancing its role as a driver of revenue.

Interactive quote simplified process

↓ Once approved, the extensive prototyping work cleared the way for the next stage. UI design work was carried out by Ivo Muñoz.

A site built around the needs and concerns of its users

↓ Increasing interaction & engagement was one of the core goals of the project. We introduced a quick, three-step test to find out “which policy is best suited for you?”, without leaving the page.
See it at:

↓ Ivo Muñoz was in charge of the UI design layer.
A functional, yet welcoming visual style for Meridiano to look the part as a major player in the Insurance business arena.

Distinctive design by Ivo Muñoz

Ready to play in the big leagues. Design by Ivo Muñoz


UX designer


  • Ivo muñoz (UI design), Raquel Escandell (marketing), Dev. Team at Nitsnets (coding)