alex nogues

LAR Construction Group

New hub for the LAR Group, a construction company, to showcase their residential properties across the country.

Case study

↓ LAR Group is a construction & real estate corporation based in Madrid, Spain; with operations across six countries and assets in excess of 3.8 billion EUR, the client needed to develop a specific hub to showcase Spanish properties.

↓ A comprehensive discovery report was carried out, analysing: competitor performance and design, site users, company clients and personnel, user journey, etc.
Looking at desktop & mobile traffic data, we realised that between 65 and 80% of all traffic came via Mobile, so we applied a Mobile First methodology and laid out a first content & architecture proposal.

↓ We then mapped out the main workflows, bearing in mind the site had to remain extremely simple and accesible to even the most technology-unaware users, and checking with stakeholders along the way.

↓ We then produced high fidelity prototypes to go through all the internal layers of corporate approval.

↓ The site needed a clean, modern feel that would make the most of the great imagery of LAR’s property portfolio.

↓ Finding your ideal property had to be quick and very easy. Two clicks should land you on your dream home, but search results can be edited directly.

↓ Each property page has detailed information on the features, prices, options of each property along with image galleries and video. An information tab keeps the contact details handy at all times to arrange a viewing. In case it should be still in construction, its degree of completion is also featured.

↓ Images below:
Home and Detail Pages; the prototype & final UI side by side.

↓ Desktop Home page.

↓ A modern & sophisticated UI design by Carlos Sanchez Hijarrubia.


UX designer


  • Carlos Sanchez (UI design), Alejandro Tabares (backend)