alex nogues

Farmasoler e-commerce

UX design

Full redesign of the online store & information architecture for a family owned pharmacy going big online.

Case study

↓ Farmasoler is a family owned business in Valencia (Spain) that decided to “go big” as an online pharmacy across the country. After moderate success developing online business and seeing other competitors get ahead, there was a need to both migrate to a flexible, scalable platform that could take on operational growth & offer a significantly better user experience at all levels.

In the four months following release, the total number of transactions increased by 140 %. Conversion rate, by 106 %. Revenue grew 157.32 % . Average order price went up by 12.43 %.

The search bar needed to be centre-stage.

↓ A detailed report was needed to observe traffic, trends and build a new content strategy, optimising information architecture and SEO.

User personas were created in collaboration with the client, assisted by GA data; user needs were outlined through key use cases along the user journey. We then focused on a complete do-over of categorisation, menus and filters, in line with all the research findings and the results of the keyword analysis to improve content & architecture.

The first menu prototypes, listing categories + structure, were shared back & forth with the client via online spreadsheets, for their ease of use and quick feedback (see image below).

The old site and the first version of the menus.

↓ An early draft emphasising what we found to be the most popular categories: Mum & Baby, Cosmetics, and Nutritional products. But where do you place a product that can potentially belong to several categories?

One of the first prototypes.

↓ Given that most traffic came from mobile devices, in an upward trend, we decided to develop Mobile First.
Below: Home, main Product List and Product Page.

↓ The new design brings much needed clarity when browsing through thousands of products and provides an optimal UX, even on low BPS.

↓ High fidelity prototypes of the Product & the Checkout pages.

↓ From product list to Checkout.

↓ A distinctive new interface. The new UI is clean & sophisticated while remaining clear, warm & welcoming.
UI design by Ivo Muñoz.


UX designer


  • Raquel Escandell (marketing),
  • Ivo Muñoz (UI design),
  • Josh Pina (PM & development)