alex nogues

ASV Ambulance Services

UX design & visual design

User-centred redesign, in line with business strategy, of a comprehensive ambulance service looking to expand online reach.

Case study

↓ The ASV Ambulance Service operates on a variety of Spanish regions since 1965.

Following a recent refurbishment of their premises and their fleet, the next critical step on their development strategy was increasing service requests and user engagement online.

We carried out a comprehensive study including contextual needs of the business & competitors, content analysis & strategy, user insights, etc., to brainstorm solutions and new ideas towards improving brand image, user experience and the role of the site as a driver of new business.

↓ The old site: a dated look, lacking in functionality and with lots of room for improving content.

The previous look

↓ We mapped out the old site and explored the ideal customer journey, to streamline flows and find critical gaps. Further to this, a keyword analysis was carried out to enhance SEO and discover opportunities on content and section-naming.

For instance, a section highlighting the fact the company was an official service provider to the local government was included, since search results proved that related terms were key search terms when looking for an ambulance service.

Content map and interactive quote flow

↓ The flow diagrams, once approved by the client, provided useful guidance for the prototyping stage.
Interactive sections and testimonials were also added, to help improve engagement.

A full clickable prototype was produced for approval prior to UI work

↓ Taking on the final UI work seemed a pretty straightforward process in terms of design choices; building from the most basic elements, the aim was to convey a sense of warmth, care and cleanliness that would rejuvenate the brand and make the service stand out among competitors with a very clean interface, reminiscent of all things medical.

The dotted background and the white, angular sections are a reference to bandages and plasters. The warm palette matches both the nature of the service (emergencies) and the company colours. Gotham rounded is a versatile typeface, very readable on small screens, and a perfect match to the soft shapes, the rounded corners and the overall new look.

A modest but flexible styles palette

↓ The renewed imagery focuses on the human side of the service; the interactions between the company and its clients, portraying the service as efficient and professional.

The new site focuses on staff & their interactions with patients

A clean, sanitized look.

Home and menu on mobile version

↓ The new site features a “Get Your Quote” function that allows the different types of users to get a customised estimate while reducing direct enquiries at the call center: see it here.

Wireframes & UI: Different options for different types of quotes

Wireframes & UI: each option has different sets of inputs

↓ A new section introduces the user to the ins & outs of an ambulance, including an interactive exploration of all the equipment, the different types of staff, vehicles, etc.

The insider secrets of ambulance equipment

A renewed site that’s practical, content-rich and easy to use.


UX & visual design


  • Raquel Escandell (marketing), Ivo Muñoz (Illustrations), Dev. Team at Nitsnets (coding)